TK-625 Terminal Box

TK-625 Terminal Box

The best color choice

The most flexible color terminal is available. The TK-625 includes an easy to use setup menu; a 70 Hz refreshes rate for a flicker free screen; 80/132 column high resolution display; 16 foreground and 16 background colors; two 115,200 bps high speed baud.
The TK-625 also offers an up to four pages mono or one page color graphics mode option. And provides a high speed data transmission at 38,400 baud rate without handshake for the best possible operator interface and product performance.

Compatibility and more

The TK-625 not only have most popular ASCII/ANSI terminal emulation like as: WY-120/60, 325, 50+; TVI910+, 925; ADDS A2; PC TERM; VT52, 100, 220; and Console ANSI, also have graphics emulation like as: CGA (640x200), EGA (640x350), VGA (640x480), and Herc .

Supports for most of operation system

TK-625 is a best color terminal for the most of multi-user operation system used. Supports for many operating systems like as: SCO UNIX/XENIX, THEOS, PICK MUMPS, IBM RS/6000 AIX, Multi-User-DOS, and etc.

TK-625 Specifications


bsca.gif (2534 bytes)Monitor
Standard VGA color monitor.

bsca.gif (2534 bytes)Color
16 foreground and 16 background

bsca.gif (2534 bytes)Frequency
31.468KHz horizontal frequency.

bsca.gif (2534 bytes)Refresh
70 Hz vertical retrace.

bsca.gif (2534 bytes)Format
Multiple display formats.

bsca.gif (2534 bytes)Date lines
24 x 80/132, 25 x 80/132
On screen, 1st is status line.
26th is label line.

bsca.gif (2534 bytes)Border
16 Colors.

bsca.gif (2534 bytes)Character matrix
7 x 12 dot matrix in 10 x 16 cell
with 3-dot descenders and 800
dots by 416 line resolution for
80-columns mode.
7 x 12 dot matrix in 9 x 16 cell
with 3-dot descenders and 1188
dots by 416 line resolution for
132 columns mode.

bsca.gif (2534 bytes)Character font
Native Mode font.
PC Standard.
PC Multinational.
Standard ASCII.
Standard ANSI.
Graphics font.
Four banks down loadable soft font
of 128 characters each.

bsca.gif (2534 bytes)Character attributes
Blink, Reverse, Underline, High
light/Dim, Invisible and any

bsca.gif (2534 bytes)Cursor attributes
Block or Underline, blink, steady
or off, 16 colors.

bsca.gif (2534 bytes)Line attributes
Double height, double width,
combination programmable.

bsca.gif (2534 bytes)CRT saver
On/off 30 minutes.

bsca.gif (2534 bytes)Emulations
WY-120/60, 325, 50+;
TVI910+, TVI925; PC TERM;
ADDS A2; VT52, VT100,
VT 220; Console ANSI.


bsca.gif (2534 bytes)Two serial port connector type
One for host on the 25-pin female
connector with RS-32C
(RS-422 option). One for serial
printer on the 9-pin male
connector with RS-232C.

bsca.gif (2534 bytes)Baud rates
50 to 115200 bps.

bsca.gif (2534 bytes)Format
7 or 8 date bits with or without
parity. 1 or 2 stop bits.

bsca.gif (2534 bytes)Mode
Full Duplex, Half Duplex, Half
block and block.

bsca.gif (2534 bytes)Protocol
Software handshake XON/XOFF,
XPC. Hardware handshake DTR

bsca.gif (2534 bytes)One printer port connector type
Parallel port on the 25-pin female


bsca.gif (2534 bytes)Interface
Enhanced PC/AT KB interface.

bsca.gif (2534 bytes)Type
Standard PC/AT KB 101/102 keys.

bsca.gif (2534 bytes)Function key
12 programmable function keys.


bsca.gif (2534 bytes)Temperature
Operating: 5*C to 40*C.
Storage: -40*C to 60*C.

Relative Humidity

bsca.gif (2534 bytes)Operation:
20% to 80% noncondensing.

bsca.gif (2534 bytes)Storage:
20% to 80% noncondensing

bsca.gif (2534 bytes)Terminal box:
33mm x 315mm x 252mm.

bsca.gif (2534 bytes)Packing
1 Terminal box/Inner box:
67mm x 362mm x 344mm.

5 Inner boxes/Carton:
382mm x 364mm x 358mm.


bsca.gif (2534 bytes)Inner box:
N. W. 2.4Kgs; G. W. 3.0Kgs.

bsca.gif (2534 bytes)Carton:
N. W. 15.0Kgs; G.W. 16.0Kgs.

Regulatory Compliance 

Emissions FCC Class A, VDE B.

Power Requirement

98 - 264 Vac at 47 - 63Hz.

Specification are subject to change by TERMTEK without notice and are not intended as a guarantee or warranty.

TERMTEK is a registered trademark and TK-625 is trademark of TERMTEK COMPUTER CO., LTD. WY-50+, WY-60, and WY-120 are trademarks of Wyse Technology, Inc. TVI-910+ and TVI-925 are trademarks of Televideo Systems, Inc. ADDS Viewpoint A2 is a trademark of Applied Digital Data System, Inc. VT-52, VT-100, and VT-220 are trademarks of Digital Equipment Corp. IBM PC/AT is a trademark of International Business Machines. © 1996 TERMTEK. Printed in Taiwan, R.O.C.

Best view with 800 X 600 screen mode & 16 bit high color
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