Ethernet LAN Terminal

A color, Ethernet TCP/IP terminal designed for use in UNIX networking environments. It provides support for SCO UNIX/Xenix, IBM RS/6000 AIX, Sun Solaris, Interactive UNIX, SVR4,...etc.

A large range of ASCII serial terminal emulations are provided, including WY-60, WY-120, WY-50+, ADDS A2, plus many more. This is a flexible, direct replacement for existing terminals as well as for new installations.

The TK-735 not only has the traditional strengths and features of a serial terminal, but the Ethernet interface enhances these with additional advantages.

  • Very simple cabling, coax or UTP.
  • Multi-sessions, multi-hosts on the same Ethernet cable.
  • Much, much, faster data transmission.
  • Easily fits into existing, popular UNIX networking systems.
  • Printer server capability.

Inventory is minimised as the terminal is used in conjunction with a standard VGA monitor and PC keyboard.