Color Terminal

The best Color choice
The most advanced colour terminal available. The TK-635 is a very fast serial terminal with two high-speed 460K baud serial ports. It has

a 70Hz refresh rate for a flicker free screen using an 80/132 column high-resolution display. There are 16 foreground and 16 background colors and up to 12 pages of screen memory for greater local editing capability. The provision of a Centronics port allows the connection of a standard parallel printer. A comprehensive, easy to use configuration menu makes set-up
a breeze.

The TK-635 provides high-speed data transmission at 38,400 baud, without handshaking, for the best possible operator interface and product performance.

Compatibility and more
The TK-635 supports all the popular ASCII/ANSI terminals. Emulations include:

WY-120/60, 325, 50+; TV1910+, 925;
VT52, 100, 220; and Console ANSI.

Support for most operating systems
This is the ideal color terminal choice for the vast majority of multi-user operating systems. It is compatible with: SCO UNIX/XENIX, THEOS, PICK, MUMPS, IBM RS/6000 AIX, Multi-User-DOS...etc.

Inventory is minimised as the terminal is used in conjunction with a standard VGA monitor
and PC keyboard.